The courses on this site are best undertaken using a web browser set to allow audio to play automatically. 


On your laptop or desktop computer you can adjust your audio policies as follows:

Google Chrome

Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Sound >

Switch on ‘Allow sites to play sound’ or add the training portal to your ‘Allow’ list.


Preferences > Privacy and Security > Autoplay (settings) > 

Set your default to ‘Allow Audio and Video’.
Some people find that with Autoplay turned on, the sound will play but leaves the visual side of the presentation unstarted. If this happens, you can turn off the Autoplay for the site directly by clicking the options icon in the address bar (between the lock icon and the start of the site address) and selecting "Block Audio" from the Autoplay drop-down menu (as shown below).
screen capture of Firefox's site-controls options
The next time you load a course page, you will see two buttons at the left hand of the screen, clicking the play button (a triangle pointing to the right, inside a circle) will start the slide contents playing.

Microsoft Edge

Click the ‘Settings and more’ button (or press Alt + X).

Click the Settings > Cookies and Site Permissions

Under "Media autoplay," select the option that best suits your situation:

Choose ‘Allow’


Safari > Settings for this website > 

Choose ‘allow all autoplay’


Some browsers on mobile devices and tablets will allow audio policies to be adjusted as above. If this is not the case, the course you are taking will present you with additional buttons to cue the audio and visual sequence on each slide.

Last modified: Thursday, 18 April 2024, 3:08 PM